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Tess and Jake Hansen are New Jersey residents who started Curate NJ to promote local artists. The goal is to create a happier and healthier community through affordable artwork that inspires.

Art is not for "other people" it's for all people.

Before entering into the art selling world, the Hansens were invited to a gallery show. They thought about what a gallery might be like on TV. White walls and snooty people dressed in black, sipping red wine, and discussing high level artwork. Both were unprepared for the casual nature of the art collectors in attendance. Welcomed with wide smiles, sneakers, and jeans they purchased their first piece of art together from a local artist whom they had met. 

Because of this experience, the gallery now hosts work from contemporary, local artists with a variety of price points. Customers walking in will find art prints similar in price to a fancy cocktail and original framed work for what it might take to get a nice meal.


We encourage art gallery visitors to fall in love with having a good time. We want to create a happy, encouraging environment.

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Want to hang out at a gallery party?

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